Terms of use and conditions

These terms and condition apply to all the content of our web services

WBR is a website of accommodation listings, providing links to other content the accommodations make available. We provide a platform for different accommodations to publicise some of their features, such as services, photographs and prices, so that users can get to know them and make reservations on their websites.
Our site is free for users searching for accommodation; they can navigate through it and check the terms of accommodations at their destination point. WBR does not charge commissions, charge the user, or mediate in the service charges advertised on the site. It solely puts people searching for tourist accommodation in touch with the actual accommodations. It is therefore not responsible for possible fraud and economic problems that may arise from misleading advertising or other means that lead to the user hiring a service that causes the user financial damage.
WBR charges an annual fee to the accommodation which gives it the right to advertise its location, services offered, price of the cheapest room available, photos and a short introduction to their accommodation. All establishments have access to their data via an extranet, the password of which allows them to make changes in their information as often as necessary.
Users will make their booking online or by whatever means made available by the accommodation itself; WBR is in no way involved in this booking. Given that WBR is not involved in any aspect of this booking and/or payment, WBR is not responsible for any charges incurred because of changes, no-show policies and cancellations that affect the user, which is why the user is advised to carefully read the terms set by the accommodation before proceeding with any action.

Those hotel accommodations that wish to join our site will need to fill out our membership form and pay the annual fee by one of the following options: payment by Paypal account or credit card.
The fee must be renewed annually. A week before the subscription ends the accommodation will receive an email notifying it of the monetary terms of the renewal and the modes of payment. If the payment is not made WBR will proceed to automatically unregister the establishment on the same day the subscription expires.
Any establishment can, at any moment, choose to unregister by sending an email request to our contact, contact@worldbestrooms.com, with the subject line “Unregistration”. Our registration and unregistration department will proceed to unregister the accommodation from our site within a maximum of 15 days, without the possibility of a refund of the annual fee.
WBR reserves the right to change the annual fee for services offered; the changes will not affect the accommodation until it has to renew the following year, the current year having begun from the day the payment was made.

WBR will not be responsible for the informative content and photos that the hotel accommodations might use for the aim of advertising their establishments. Despite thisWBR agrees to act diligently, reviewing this information within 7 days of its posting , and deleting or disabling it if it is understood to be unlawful or harmful to the property or rights of a third party liable for compensation.
The information provided by the establishment must be truthful, clear and concise so as to not provoke the user to make a mistake. WBR cannot be responsible for checking the veracity of all the information but agrees to make changes if it receives complaints from users who have been misled by fraudulent or imprecise advertising, and suffered some type of financial loss.

The information displayed on our site is provided directly by the establishment. WBR is not responsible for hotel services or conditions of hygiene found in the establishments and, being that WBR is merely an intermediary, we cannot check the state of all accommodations advertised on our website. However, we agree to terminate the membership of any establishment about which we receive complaints and comments from users who have been affected in some way by the establishment if it is not recommendable.

Withregard to prices and offers that may appear on the websites of the establishments, WBR expressly sets itself apart from these, and is not involved in fixing them or checking on their veracity. Establishments quote the price of their cheapest rooms as a reference, but room rates, which change according to the season, may only be viewed on the establishment's own website. The establishment can choose between different currencies to set the minimum price for its cheapest room, but WBR assumes no responsibility that this information is according to the latest exchange value of that currency.

The version of the site, and therefore the terms and conditions, has been rendered in Spanish. Any other version is a literal but unofficial translation of the former. Any dispute, legal or otherwise, will be resolved through the interpretation of the content of the Spanish version. WBR agrees to provide an accurate translation in the different languages into which the page has been translated, but is not responsible for any errors and omissions that might occur.

WORLD BEST ROOMS owns all rights to the industrial and intellectual property of the Worldbestrooms.com page and any advertising and information resulting from their activity. Therefore reproduction, copying, publication, distribution, modification, alteration, removal, manipulation and any other use or exploitation, with or without the aim to profit, of all or part of the contents of this website, even quoting the source, without the prior express written permission of WBR, is strictly prohibited.
Hotel accommodations give their pictures and logos with the sole aim that users have access to them as advertising media. WBR shall not modify or use the photographs, designs, texts with logos and other signs establishments provide for any other purpose than the disclosure of the establishment.

The content of these terms and conditions, as with the terms of privacy conditions are presumed to be in accordance with current law, any change in legislation will affect them. In the case of possible nullity or annulment of any of the clauses above, the remaining clauses will continue to be valid and binding.

Privacy Policy

WBR has a file of personal information registered.
This file must only contain the personal data of those individuals who wish to participate in our offers and promotions, being they themselves who voluntarily provide their information; these are: full name, national ID or passport number, address, e-mail and phone number.
The purposes of this file are: i) to participate in possible deals and promotions that are offered by WBR, ii) to periodically receive our newsletter. The user that is part of our database has the right to automatically unsubscribe from our file, to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by an e-mail stating their desire.
The data present in our file will be not shared with any other company of the sector nor those that are advertised on our website except with the prior consent of the person concerned. Data will only be disclosed when required for reasons of state security by prior judicial decision.
Please note that this policy may vary due to possible legislative changes, but in any case, will then be changes necessary to adapt our policy to the legislation in force.

Please be advised that WBR does not register personal data of managers or owners of the accommodations that are advertised on our site. Any communication that is done via e-mail to a personal contact is done automatically by an immediate response to the e-mail without registering any data.

To contact the manager of the file please send an e-mail to contact@worldbestrooms.com