What is Worldbestrooms.com?

Worldbestrooms.com is an accommodations directory which offers a range of promotion services to improve your SEO web, get a better position in the search engines and attract customers.

Accommodation directory

Beeing listed in Worldbestrooms.com directory will get you a direct link to your property website where customers will have access to all your information and where they will finish the booking. With all subscriptions the listing in WBR is forever, so your property will be show always in your city search.

Random position in the list

The positions in the listings are generated automatically and at random every time someone does a search. This way all the properties have the same opportunity to be the first in the listing.

Social Networking

We promote and share your property in the major social networks as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube with more than 200.000 followers that will see your property. Building a good social networking, your property will be shown in thousands of social profiles.

Content Marketing

We write an article about your property and we advertise on blogs and social networks to create new content about your website on the net. Content marketing is one of the most appreciated SEO techniques for the search engines to valorate and increase the page rank of a website.

Video Marketing

We make a promotional video of your property with your photos and website to upload and spread through youtube and other web platforms. More than 80% of the internet traffic is by video, so it ́s very important to have a promotional video of your property.


Worldbestrooms.com add your website to different directories and websites for creating backlinks to improve your website ranking in major search engines. As well, been listed in Worldbestrooms.com you will increase your backlinking page range.