How can I come in contact the property?

Just click on the name or picture of the property of your choice and you will be redirected to their website to see the property’s contact details and all the information you need.

Can I make a booking throught your website?

No, we don ́t make bookings, we just show you the properties and you can decide which one you prefer and then you can book it directly in their website.

Can I see the location of a property?

All the properties in the list have a link to a map with the location.

Can I search for specific facilities in the property?

After you select your destination a list of filters will be displayed in the left column where you can choose the ones you are looking for.

Can I find properties for people with a disability?

Yes, once you have the list of properties of your destination, you can select "Handicapped accessible" in the hotel facilities.

Is the price shown in the list the final price?

The price shown in the list is the minimum price for the property and may vary depending on the season, the room type or local taxes.

Hotel policies

Every hotel have their own policies and does not interfere at all. All the information, prices, facilities and pictures of the property are their responsability.

Can I cancel my booking through

No, you have to cancel your booking directly with the property. Check the hotel’s cancellation policy before.

Do I pay a reservation fee to

No, does not charge any fees.